This Week in Comedy: November 26 – December 2, 2012

All shows are free, unless otherwise noted. Generally, venues expect audience members to buy drinks.

JFK Sat Here 24: Tofurkey Recipes!
8:00pm, Parkside Lounge: 317 East Houston, Manhattan
Charles Gould & Tomas Delgado present: Erin Lennox, Matt Nedotup, Brad Austin Ben Kronberg, Billy Prinsell

The Meaning of Life Comedy Show 
8:30pm, 25 Avenue A at 2nd Street, Manhattan
Host Joe Zimmerman welcomes: Ryan Hamilton, Mike Trainor, Kate Hendricks, Sean Wilkinson, Nate Fridson, Mike Kaiser

Comedy Anomaly 17: things are going to get weird
8:00pm, Fontana’s Bar: 105 Eldridge Street, Manhattan
Ben Rosen hosts: Mike Hollan, Aaron Young, Alyssa Wolff, Regina DeCicco, Ben Rosenfeld, Lukas Kaiser, Miguel Dalmau, Aaron Perlman-Price, Radey Humphrey
Admission: $5, no drink minimum

Middle Notes Variety Show: LIVE!
9:30pm, Peoples Improv Theater: 123 East 24th Street, Manhattan
Ryan Beck & Kyle Ayers host: Tamsi and Samsi, Jeff Lange, Jo Firestone, Kevin Barnett & more
Tickets: $8

PETRIFIED! @ The Woods: Free Comedy Show
8:30pm, The Woods: 48 South 4th Street, Williamsburg
Joe Klein & Alexis Guerreros host: Michelle Wolf, Greg Stone, Myka Fox, Crystian Ramierez, Miguel Dalmau

Category 5 Comedy: A Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser
8:90pm (seating at 7:30pm), Broadway Comedy Club: 318 W. 53rd Street, Manhattan
Justin Murray hosts: Christine Meehan, Dan Soder, Samantha Bednarz, Mike Cannon, Mark Anthony Ramirez, John Fugelsang, Chuck Nice
$10 donation goes to the Mayor’s Fund for Hurricane Sandy

Another Bar Show
8:00pm, Beauty Bar: 231 E. 14th St, Frnt 1, Manhattan
Troy Alan & Miguel Dalmau present: Edward Dominguez, Mike Hollan, Ray Marshall, Charles McBee, Jordan Ferber, Dan Soder

Laugh It Up, Astoria!
8:00pm, Mosaic Cafe & Lounge:25-19 24th Avenue, Astoria
Jenn Wehrung & Liz Simons host: Kendra Cunningham, Joe List, Jeni Aron, Adam Lehman

La Comedie De Parkside
7:30pm, Parkside Lounge: 317 East Houston, Manhattan
Raquel D’Apice hosts: Carrie Gravenson, Corrine Fisher, David Smithyman, Evan Morganstern, Megan McCoy, Phoebe Robinson

I Don’t Like Your Tone
7pm, Parkside Lounge: 317 East Houston, Manhattan
Chrissie Mayr & Craig Hillelson present:Jarret Berenstein, Calvin Cato, Miguel Dalmau, Kara Klenk, Dave Lester, Nathan Macintosh

If You Build It @ UCB East
8:30pm, UCB East: 153 East 3rd St. at Ave. A, Manhattan
Kara Klenk presents: Kurt Metzger, Adam Newman, Ben Kronber, Jeff Maurer, Ben Lerman, Alison Leiby


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