Whether you’re a lover of stand-up comedy, a producer or a comic (or all three!), IndieHaha is here for you.  Like many of you, I’m inundated with dozens of Facebook event invitations a day. With so many independently produced shows in various venues in and around NYC, how does one hope to keep them all straight and make an informed decision (or any decision at all), about which one(s) to attend?

IndieHaha is a collection, albeit a currently incomplete one, of shows running in the tri-state area, organized by day, week and month. Along the side bar, you will find links to established, long-running shows and resources for solo performers (classes, festivals, workshops, etc.).

IndieHaha is currently publishing listings for solo performance only: stand-up, storytelling and solo shows. Sketch and improv shows are not included here.

Indie shows provide a unique opportunity for audiences to see big names working it out in smaller rooms for a fraction of the cost of traditional club shows as well as a chance to see smaller names on the cusp of making it big. Audiences need independently produced comedy and indie comedy needs audience.

Welcome to indiehaha.com.


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